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Various Incentives:

We give various incentives based on performance which include Perfect Attendance and Top Satisfaction Score in each team.

Annual Increases:

Employees are also entitled to annual performance increments based on length of service in the company.

Team Building:

We strive to achieve excellence by conducting team building activities, employee development activities, employee engagement programs and employee satisfaction initiatives.

Certificate of Training:

We provide a Certificate of Training for everyone who completes our 12-day training program.

Guaranteed Breaks:

We also guarantee a 10-minute break after a maximum of 40 minutes of teaching to ensure plenty of rest time for teachers so that they can perform at their best.

Medical Benefits:

We provide Maxicare health cards for our employees and their dependents.

Employee Referral Program:

CETT employees receive monetary incentives for successfully referring friends and relatives to join the company.

Open Communication:

Team-based lunch hours and frequent team-based meetings are scheduled to increase teamwork.

Opportunity to Grow as a Leader:

We actively encourage leadership team to be built within the organization, in fact over 90% of our leaders have grown within the organization and have assumed strategic leadership positions as part of their career growth. For those who are determined with strong work ethics and aligned to our core values (Integrity, Passion, Transparency, Open Communication, Drive Change & Commitment to Excellence), it would be a perfect launchpad to build your career.



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