How much is your basic pay? For this job, we offer 20,000 php salary including incentives plus you can earn more through over time.
What are your qualifications? As long as you are in a legal age. At least College level and you are willing to teach English to Korean and Japanese students.
Do you accept college undergrads? Of course! As long as your communication skills are good and you are willing to teach English to Korean and Japanese students.
Where’s your company located? Our company is located in Ortigas, Pasig City but don’t worry about the address we can send you a message through this number about all the details you needed.
What is your working schedule? We have two shifts here that can suit you, the AM Shift and PM Shift. AM Shift is from 5am to 2pm and PM Shift is from 2pm to 11pm.
How long will the training period be? The training period will last for 10days.
What is your training schedule? Training schedule is from 12:00 nn to 9:00 pm
Do you accept home-base teachers? Unfortunately, for now we only offer ESL Teaching position for office based job.
How can I apply? Just drop by here in our office and take a grammar exam. If you pass the grammar exam, you will be having your two interviews.
Do you accept walk-in applicants? Yes! They are very much very welcome to apply.
Do you have part-time positions? Unfortunately, we only offer full-time, office-based positions.
Do you accept applicants who are still studying? Yes! Students are also free to apply as long as they can comply with the available shift schedule.
What kinds of benefits do you have? We offer you up to 20,000 salary including incentives, plus you can still earn more through overtime. We have fixed shift schedule and fixed weekends off. We give probationary incentives and we also have a full coverage of HMO for yourself and half for your dependent.