About Us


CETT is the exclusive online teaching and training center of UPhone Services, the #1 online English learning services in Korea and Japan with the largest market share and highest growth rate in Korea. Consequently, we are one of the biggest and fastest growing online English teaching centers in the Philippines. We take pride in providing the best user experience for English learning in online platform. Moreover, we have a clear set of core values (Integrity, Passion, Transparency, Open Communication, Drive Change, Commitment to Excellence) that drives the organization as a winning team to position ourselves to emerge as the global leader in online English learning industry.


To provide world-class English learning user experience to international students by enabling the best work environment for employees.


To be the global leader in online English education technology industry catering to international students.

To be the no.1 employer of choice in the Philippines.


  • Integrity –We strive to uphold fairness and honesty in all our operations.
  • Passion – We choose to work with zeal and be the best at what we do.   
  • Transparency – We believe that proactive sharing of information allows the team to focus on the same goal towards success.
  • Open Communication – We empower all to speak their minds as clarity provides better understanding.
  • Drive Change – As a rapid-growing company, we expect change and welcome it with a positive attitude.
  • Absolute Commitment to Excellence – We are determined to demonstrate consistent outstanding performance to meet our standards and goals.