CETT holds first CSR program

Cloud English Training and Teaching (CETT) conducted its first outreach program in partnership with Savina’s Homes & Center of Spirituality in Quezon City, last Sunday, January 21, 2018, as part of its Corporate social responsibility initiative to build community partnerships.

The outreach program was attended by 45 of CETT’s teachers, management, and support staff and was able to serve 200 children under the care of Savina’s.

“Some of them are neglected by their families, have no food to eat, and are out of school. So, I think the least that we could do was to spend one day with them,” said Teacher Kendra Bautista, who spearheaded the program.

The program included singing, storytelling, games, and a potluck for the children. It ended with a gift-giving activity as the CETT teachers gave each child a kilo of rice, canned goods, biscuits, and other supplies to bring back home to their families.

“[We wanted to show them that] even though they are nothing to the world, to God and to those people who care about them, they are everything,” added Bautista.

Savina’s Homes is based in Sto. Domingo, Quezon city and mainly serves children from its surrounding communities through weekly feeding programs and spiritual education. Under The Congregation of the Sisters of the Poor of St. Catherine of Siena, Savina’s reaches out to people that are in need and neglected by their families.

“This is a way for our company to ‘pay it forward,’ jump-starting our efforts to connect with communities around us, and do our part in sharing with them as much as we can,” CETT general manager Ajay Philip added.

CETT’s management relished the success of its first outreach program and is looking forward to working with other communities and institutions as the company continues its social responsibility initiative.

“The kids are very blessed [by CETT’s] presence,” added Sister Ruth of Savina’s Homes.


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